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Franz Anton Mesmer and
Karl von Reichenbach

One of the most important pioneers of orgone technology was Franz Anton Mesmer.  He lived some 200 years ago.  Mesmer used the label "animal magnetism" when refering to life force, and he built the first accumulators of this energy.   Since he was a medical doctor, he used his lrage orgone accumulators for healing purposes.  These accumulators of "animal magnetism" were wooden barrels, which he filled with iron filings.  Without being aware of the actual principles underlying the accumulating of animal magnetism, he succeeded in making very powerful orgone accumulators that worked extremely well: a success that was possibly achieved by trial and error in conjunction with some very intelligent guesses.  some 150 years after Mesmer Wilhelm Reich established his theories about accumulation of orgone energy.  In fact, Reich's orgone accumuators were structurally very similar to Mesmer's accumulators of "animal magnetism."

Another veri important pioneer of orgone energy was Baron Karl von reichenbach, and his research certainly was very interesting.  Karl von Reichenbach limited himself to describing this energy, which he labeled "Od."  He did so with the help of more than 120 "sensitive persons," which he had selected during the course of his extensive research, and who could see and feel orgone energy, and whose descriptions were practically identical.   Karl von Reichenbach was careful not to tell them what they were "supposed to see" or feel.  While humankind readily accepted his inventions of creosote, formaldehyde and special procedures in manufacturing steel, his research of orgone energy (od) was rejected by the "scientific" community, of course.  This was a community, whose members certainly excelled in making many untenable and unprovable statements themselves, such as that "the laws of physics are the same everywhere in the universe" -- hmmm - interestingly enough, that ludicrous and totally unprovable assumption is still the "scientific" dogma in our otherwise thought-of-enlightened times.  Let's face it: humans barely left the stratosphere of their own planet, and the folks for whom such scientists use the label "astronauts," a Greek word, the translation of which is "travellers to the stars,"much better should be labeled "stratosphere scratchers."  How can those "scientifically thinking" folks claim to know all about the vast universe? - very scientific thinking, indeed!

Von Reichenbach's books certainly are worth reading!

Around 1900, Korschelt succeeded in building a "Solar Ether Radiation Apparatus," which, when analyzed more closely and tested, turned out to be an orgone accumulator.  The addition of a battery current seemed to be irrelevant in our experiments with the device.  Electricity, during those times, had often the function of being a catch word just as are "quantum mechanics, relativity" and of recent "nanotechnology" in our days: words that are used liberally by marketers of crystal powders and other New-Age products; words that are misdefined to fit their specific products more often than not.

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