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BEC - World Leader in Orgone Technology
The Site of Karl Hans Welz, the Inventor of the OrgoneGenerator®, Orgonite® and orgone energy boosted manifestation technologies
Atlanta, USA 770 783 0563 - Budapest, Hungary +36 204 688 180
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Same Common Functioning Principle in all action at a distance, no matter what its name!

I have made it clear above that practically all effective methods to act at a distance, including shamanic practices, ESP and radionics, have the same CFP!

By now it certainly is obvious to you that practically all actions at a distance are perfectly interchangeable, i.e., theirs is the same system function!

For instance, a traditional radionics machine establishes non-fleeting /stable structural links (contrary to the brain, which has the characteristic of "moving around") and so do "spirituallity-based," or magical, objects, and so do mantras that are chanted for a specific purpose, and services in a charismatic church are effectively "burned" into the memory of the participants!

For instance, a radionics machine can also be undertstood as a universal "magical-spiritual" symbol.  In fact, it is a relatively simple device, which you can use to establish structural links, and it holds these structures longer than our brain would.  The advantage of the radionics machine over the symbol is its infinite flexibility.  The seasoned modern practitioner prefers a combination of the two: the symbol to make use of energies that people have used successfully over and over again and the radionics machine for the purpose of fine-tuning these energies and adjusting them to the specific purpose of the operation.  The Manifestation Software Programs combine the two in a most effective way.  Homoeopathy, on the other hand, can be understood easily as a substance-based radionics.

Naturally the most important factors required for the success of any operation at a distance are the amount of orgone energy used for the operation and the sophistication and adaptiveness of the envisioned trend energies. That's why I highly recommend an HD device for all of your operations.

It is obvious by now that the orgone radionics machine (machine for manifestation) is a tool to establish with ease equivalent structural links that connect to any desired target, trend, or both.

The advantage of the orgone energy boosted radionics machine over most of the traditional methods, such as sigils, oils, dolls, etc., is the obvious fact of its incredible flexibility.  Sigils, oils, etc., are designed for one thing and one thing only, while you can set up the radionics machine and/or manifestation software for any purpose.

Actually, many practitioners like to use symbols in connection with radionic settings.  This way they can tie into well-established energy patterns (the symbol), which they modify for a specific purpose with the radionics machine.

NOTE: Besides the hyper space approach (distance is a result of structural difference) there exist several theories that attempt to describe the mind-boggling effects of radionics, shamanic practice and other action at a distance or perception at a distance.  These theories cover a wide range of speculation such as a holographic approach, frequencies, "soft" electrons, lots of "ethers," morphogenetic fields," inner planes and higher planes.  None of them can explain, as I did, in EASY terms some of the key functions of action at a distance and perception at a distance, nor did they lead to new basic facts or to significant new technologies.  Of a theory to be of use, I expect that it is as simple as possible, that it is comprehensive, and that it leads effortlessly to new basic facts and to new technologies.  If such criteria are not met, I consider the theory as worthless, to say the least. 

When establishing theories, or mappings, we have to be aware that any factual basis for which we want to establish such mapping(s) compares to an under-defined system of equations, i.e., there are more unknowns than equations: reagardless how much you describe of something, there will always be characteristica left out! - and, with more unknowns than equations per se (i.e., insufficient "facts" as a result of the limitation of our human brain), an infinite amount of solutions, or "mappings" is possible.  Since we do not know of two identical living beings, and we too change continuously, we end up with more "objective realities" - theories or mappings - than there are living beings in the universe, and that's quite a few!  Think of this fact next time you consider tolerance as a nice attitude towards another opinion, "even though the other person is wrong" !!!  I have formulated this obvious fact at the age of 16 !!!

Action at a distance makes use of orgone energy and structural links. Seen in this context, radionics can be explained as action at a distance that uses technological devices (such as computer software and so-called black boxes) as universal structural links that you can tune to any desired trend and/or target.

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